Abducted UK children at greater risk if legal ties cut, Brexit officials say

Appealing to foreign courts for help could become harder if Britain fails to persuade union to continue legal cooperation

Parents in the UK would find it “much more difficult” to recover abducted children if Britain fails to persuade the EU to continue legal cooperation after Brexit, according to government officials detailing their latest plans.

Officials said the process of appealing to foreign courts for help could become much more complicated, when asked about a hypothetical case of a child of a British parent being taken out of the country by a spouse from another member state as an example.

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Mystikal surrenders to authorities over sexual assault charge

Police had issued a warrant for the rapper’s arrest after an alleged attack last October

Rapper Mystikal has surrendered to authorities in the US state of Louisiana, where he faces a sexual assault charge.

A video recorded by KSLA-TV shows the 46-year-old rapper, whose real name is Michael Lawrence Tyler, as he entered the Caddo correctional centre in northwest Louisiana on Monday 21 August. According to Press Association, online booking records also confirm his location.

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Father of Ohio high school football player convicted of rape shoots judge

Authorities identified Nathaniel ‘Nate’ Richmond, father of Ma’Lik Richmond, as gunman who shot and wounded Jefferson County Judge Joseph Bruzzese Jr

The man who shot and wounded a judge outside a county courthouse before being shot dead by a probation officer was the father of a Steubenville High School football player who was convicted of rape in 2013, authorities said on Monday.

Jefferson County Judge Joseph Bruzzese Jr was shot at around 8am near the courthouse in Steubenville, just across the Ohio River from West Virginia’s northern panhandle, roughly 30 miles west of Pittsburgh.

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Brexit paper backs away from PM's promise of judicial independence

Latest policy paper seeks to maintain EU system of civil judicial cooperation covering business and family disputes

Britain will be subject to the rulings of European courts after Brexit, the government has conceded, in an apparent climbdown from its promise of judicial independence.

In the latest in a series of policy papers that seek to blur the edges of hard Brexit, the government argues that for the smooth settlement of cross-border disputes it is necessary that foreign judgments sometimes apply to individuals and businesses in the UK.

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The question of race in child abuse cases | Letters

Sarah Champion, like the victims she stands up for, deserves to be heard, say Sally Bates, Roy Grimwood and Cath Hallam, while Hilary Nelson warns against falling into a racism trap

In all of the outrage concerning Sarah Champion, it is important to remember the context of the vulnerable children she is seeking to protect (Shadow equalities minister quits in row over ‘racist’ article on sex abuse, 17 August). Over many years Britain’s children have been abused by a variety of institutional predators. These have included doctors, teachers and celebrities. All these institutions have reviewed practices and now seek to rigorously protect and prevent abuse.

Scrutiny of all instances of abuse must identify assailants who target those with no voice or no protectors. Sarah Champion has given them a voice. She, like them, deserves to be heard.
Sally Bates
Cotgrave, Nottinghamshire

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